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Candidates funding dams should be voted for: Bhutta

بھارتی آبی دہشتگردی

BAHAWALPUR, Jul 18 (APP):Social leader and researcher on water issues, Malik Habibullah Bhutta has urged the candidates contesting general election, They must donate for construction of new dams in Supreme Court Fund.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that Pakistan has been facing water scarcity at alarming level.
He feared that the country might face starvation like situation if new dams were not constructed without further delay.
He said that Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Saqib Nisar took a courageous step by establishing fund for construction of new dams including Diamr-Bhasha dam, Mohmand dam.
He said that voters should pressurize candidates of all political parties and independents contesting
general elections must donate for SC fund for construction of dams.
“Voters should not vote for a candidate if he or she oppose construction of new dams and deny donating in SC dam fund,” he said.
He also said that industrialists and business community should also come forward to help Supreme
Court, Pakistan Army and the government in construction of new dams.
“Business community from Khyber to Karachi should participate in donating for SC dam fund,” he said.
Bhutta who is author of books on water issues said that through his columns on water published in leading newspapers, he had raised issue that construction of new dams was unavoidable need of the country.
He said that India had hatched conspiracy to stop water flow into Pakistani rivers by constructing dams on the rivers.
He urged that nation to be united against Indian conspiracies against our country.