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Imran Khan doesn’t want progress, prosperity of country: Zaeem

LAHORE, Feb 7 (APP): Spokesman Punjab government Syed Zaeem Hussain
Qadri, commenting upon the speech of PTI Chief, Suday said that Imran Khan had once again started enmity with the country.
He said that Imran Khan did not want progress and prosperity of the
country and criticizing public welfare projects had become his habit.
He said that Imran Khan made futile efforts for making every project
Zaeem Qadri said that people had rejected negative politics
of Imran Khan, adding that change came through performance and
not lip service.
He said, “Imran Khan daily tells a new lie and criticism against Orange
Line is a proof of his mental immaturity.”
The Spokesman said that those not bringing change in their province
were criticizing unduly against the development of other provinces.
He said that Imran Khan did not bring any improvement in KPK and now
was going to hoodwink the people of Balochistan, adding that people would not be hoodwinked by him (Imran).
Imran Khan should pay attention to the welfare of people of KPK, Zaeem
Qadri advised.