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…:Talking (MILLAT ONLINE) about the country’s prevailing political environment, PML-N President Muammad Nawaz Sharif stressed the need for holding the upcoming general election, scheduled to be held this year, in a free, fair and transparent manner to strengthen democracy and put the county on the real path of progress and prosperity.
“Give the democracy a chance to flourish,” he said and warned in the same breath that any misadventure to steal the mandate of people would prove counter-productive and drag the country away from progress and prosperity.
Terming the 2018 as an election year, he deplored that the history and fairness of elections in the country had not been so good.
The PML-N leader said no election was held in the country in first 23 years after its creation and later, either the elections were manipulated or the results of vote were not accepted wholeheartedly.
“That is why from Liaquat Ali Khan Shaheed, not even a single prime minister of the country completed his/her constitutional tenure,” he observed.
He feared that the history was being repeated in 2018 elections to stop one party from progressing ahead and impose those parties and people who lack public support.
Nawaz Sharif said the people whose politics revolves around lies, accusations and sit-ins and those whom people of Pakistan rejected repeatedly were being imposed on them.
However, he said, the people of Pakistan were well educated, so their opinion should be respected.
He warned that if such activities continued, he would come forward with all the evidences and proofs and make them public and would also reveal before the people of Pakistan what had happened during the last four years.
He underlined the need for ensuring providing level-playing field to every political party in the election-2018, paving the way to flourish the democracy in its real form.
Quoting a recent survey, he said PML-N’s popularity among the public had significantly increased and expressed the confidence that it would again emerge as a leading political party in the next general election.