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Political party candidates using all tactics to grab voters attention : Report

خواتین ووٹرز

ISLAMABAD, July 18 (APP):Ahead of general elections 2018 in Pakistan, Amid the charge and fueled fanaticism of election campaigning, political parties are using all the tactics to allure the voter to remain intact the support till the polling day.
A report aired by a private news channel said, From shouting the glittering and enchanting slogans to grab the attention of voter to persuade them with the patriotism card, political parties are all geared up to give each other the tough competition in elections
Slogans are often being used by political parties to maneuver and trick the voters to vote in favor. Some chant for the ‘change’ while others’ slogans are weaving the voter in a trap of ‘Peaceful Paksitan’. These slogans play a pivotal role in convincing the voter to translate the support into vote.
When Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf slogan of ‘Change’ efforts to influence the masses to vote for change, Balochistan Awami party comes up with the saying of ‘educated and progressive Balochistan’.
Balochistan National Party chants to ensure the literate Balochistan whereas National party has a slogan ‘Vote for change’.
Voters believe whatever the slogans are being enchanted, it is only the power of vote that can bring the change in actual and vote belongs to the one who rather making sky-rocketed hollow vows ensures the practical development on ground.