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At least four dead, 100 injured in German train crash: police

  • BERLIN, (APP/AFP): Two commuter trains collided in southern Germany on Tuesday, killing at least four people and injuring around 100, police said. “The current toll is four dead, 15 critically injured, 40 severely injured and a total of 100 injured,” police spokesman Martin Winkler in the town of Rosenheim told AFP. Regional rail company Meridian […]

  • UK warns EU exit could mean migrant camps on south coast

    LONDON, (APP/AFP): A British EU exit could mean thousands of migrants landing on Britain’s shores “overnight”, the government said on Monday, stepping up the rhetoric in the campaign ahead of a referendum on membership. Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman said a “Brexit” could undermine a Franco-British bilateral agreement that allows Britain to carry out border […]

  • Obama signs Africa electricity initiative into law

    WASHINGTON, (APP/AFP): President Barack Obama signed into law Monday a measure aimed at expanding electricity to millions of households in sub-Saharan Africa, a measure supporters say will save lives and accelerate growth on the continent. The Electrify Africa Act, which unanimously passed the House of Representatives and Senate, leverages partnerships with the private sector in […]

  • Santos says referendum will be held on peace deal regardless of FARC

    BOGOTA, (APP/AFP): President Juan Manuel Santos on Monday said a referendum would be held on a possible peace deal with Marxist FARC fighters, whether the rebels want a vote or not. The FARC and the government have said they aim to sign a peace deal by March 23. “Whatever gets signed in Havana, I will […]

  • Ex-NY mayor Bloomberg considering presidential bid: report

    NEW YORK, (APP/AFP): Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and billionaire media owner, has stated for the first time that he is considering launching a White House bid this year. The move would thoroughly upend a presidential race that has already kicked into high gear, as Republicans and Democrats battle it out for prominence […]

  • 40,000 starving to death as S.Sudan teeters on famine: UN

    JUBA, Feb 8 (APP/AFP): At least 40,000 people are being starved to death in South Sudan war zones on the brink of famine, the United Nations said Monday, in a plea to rival forces to let aid in. The figures released in a UN report describe some of the worst conditions yet in more than […]