Friday October 17, 2003 06:58 PM



Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Your Excellency, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister Malaysia Your Majesties, Your Highnesses and Your Excellencies, Your Excellency, Mr. Secretary General,Distinguished guests,Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assalamu Alakum wa-Rahmatu//ahi wa-Barakatuh

First of all please allow me on behalf of His Excellency Mr. Askar Akayev, President of the Kyrgyz Republic to convey his heartfelt greetings and best wishes of successful work to the esteemed participants of the Tenth Session of the ISLAMIC SUMMIT CONFERENCE.

I would like to warmly congratulate His Excellency Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia with assuming the honorary Chairmanship of the Tenth Session of the ISLAMIC SUMMIT CONFERENCE and to express sincere gratitude for skillful and constructive leadership of the present Session work.

Also please allow me to express sincere gratitude to the Government and brotherly people of Malaysia for excellent organization of the work of our Session and warm hospitality extended to us on the beautiful Malaysian land.

Also I would like to express a special gratitude and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Halifa AL-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar for His wise and successful leadership and relentless endeavors in advancing the interests of the Muslim Ummah in the role as a Chairman of the 9t' Session of the OIC Summit.

Dear Mr Chairman,

The Motto of our today's Forum, "Knowledge and morality for progress of Ummah", in our view, is very timely and correctly reflects new challenges and strategic aims facing our Ummah, on successful solution of which depends future prosperity and progress of the whole Muslim world. Today's realities are demanding immediate actions from our Organization, which should reflect vital interests and aspirations of the Muslim countries, secure dignity and prosperity of our nations and demonstrate the greatness and wisdom of the Islamic values and morality.

Despite of certain success in these dimensions, it is vital to consolidate all resources and efforts of the OIC and its Member States in order to tackle the most important issues including enhancing security and stability in the OIC area, search of effective ways for conflict and crisis resolutions, rise of standard of living and poverty alleviation, increase of access to modern achievements of education, science, information and technologies.

In providing sustainable advancement to these urgent aims a key role belongs to knowledge, which constitutes to us a strategic resource of development. Therefore we must create the most favorable environment for enhancement and development of knowledge and advancement of science and technologies in our countries to update it on appropriate level and support exchange and mutual fruitful cooperation between the OIC Member States in these areas to promote the noble mission of our civilization.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my high appreciation by the work of the current. Session, which, in our opinion, is concentrating the best intellectual resources and innovative ideas on revitalization, reforming and rationalization of the work of our Organization. Kyrgyzstan entirely supports these timely ideas, proposed by our brotherly countries, particularly the initiative of Pakistan in establishing a special OIC commission for review and synthesis of efforts that allow Muslim Ummah to meet with dignity the challenges of the 21st century.

This gives a special importance and vitality to the efforts on enhancing dialogue among civilizations based on mutual understanding, tolerance and mutual respect. In this context I would like to emphasize that Kyrgyztan's intiative on promoting Forum dialogue between our Organization and OSCE has a potential to build up bridges and to give impetus for deepening of inter civilization and inter cultural dialogue as well as to lay a good foundation for creating comprehensive and balanced approaches to solve common challenges and aims touching upon interests of both Organizations.

We hope that with friendly assistance of other OIC Member States we will be able to create favorable conditions for practical implementation of our initiative and we would like to express our willingness for a close cooperation with all interested parties in this direction.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Undoubtedly the events occurring in Iraq cannot be kept apart from the attention of our Organization. First of all this relates to resolution of important issues of postwar reconstruction of the country. The situation in Iraq is still causing concerns. In our opinion, the United Nations with its universal abilities and unique experience should play a central role in political settlement and economic reconstruction of Iraq.

Without any doubts, the Organization of Islamic Conference also should play more active and significant role in the Iraqi issues. In this regard we hope that the OIC and its Member States will undertake measures to provide necessary assistance to Iraq and to render help in the restoration of our brotherly state. From its side Kyrgyzstan is ready to provide any possible assistance to this process.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

The new escalation of tension on the Palestinian occupied territories is causing deep concern in Kyrgyzstan. The present events place under serious threat perspective of the peace process in the Middle East within the Quartet Committee plan on implementing the "Road Map". Therefore we urge to reject all attempts of use of force and to renew efforts to return the peaceful settlement process within the framework of the above-mentioned initiative. Along this we are confident that a starting point of any peace process should be recognition of essential rights of the Palestinian people.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Along with Iraq and Palestine, we can not avoid the situation in Afghanistan. Despite to some elements of stability and return to peaceful life, the situation is still far from permanent sustainability.

We express our support and solidarity to the Afghani Government headed by HE Hamid Karzai in their titanic efforts of postconflict rebuilding and reconstruction of the country. In this regard we think that the attention of the international community to solving needs and problems of Afghanistan should not diminish and that the OIC and its Member States should continue joint efforts in order to help the friendly Afghani people successfully restore their country.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Kyrgyzstan is attaching a great importance to its membership in the OIC. Taking into consideration vitality and importance of effective work of our Organization in today's realities Kyrgyzstan is deeply concerned in its success. We support efforts on renovation and restructuring of the OIC mechanism in order that it could more operationally react to new challenges and be focused on achievement of concrete results and most importantly that it could enhance a new quality of interaction and promotion of new forms of cooperation between OIC Member States..

At present our Organization is facing noble aims of strengthening understanding, unity and solidarity, above all among our brotherly states and a dignified presentation of the Islamic world on the international scene. We think that achievement of these significant aims on the OIC level will favourably affect the global environment as a whole.

In conclusion, please allow me once again to express gratitude to Government and friendly people of Malaysia for hosting such an important international Forum and for hospitality and warm welcome rendered to us. I am confident that today event will become one more step towards strengthening authority and role of our Organization.

Thank you for attention.