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Capt. Ammar Kargil Shaheed
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UK Shaheed

BBC and International Jewish Media Coverage is Anti-Pakistan and Pro-India on Kashmir Issue.
BBC misreported the Indian planes hit incidents negatively Says Brig. Rashid Qureshi Director General ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations).
CNN & BBC are portraying Indian point of view
Western media is distorting the facts and propagating against Muslim world, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and other developing nations.
Innocents Martyred by Brutal Indian Guns
Were they Islamic infiltrators
India intentionally bombarded on children school.

India Delayed the Talks with Pakistan
Delhi fighting losing battle admit Indian officials, analysts

India will test H-bomb before signing CTBT: Qadeer

Two girls killed by Indian shelling

Sher Khan Shaeed

Pakistan criticizes US for biased policy More

WASHINGTON, NNI: Pakistan has complained to the United States that its statements on the Argil conflict reflects a bias in favour of the Indian position as it was using the term "infiltrators from Pakistan" instead of Kashmiri Mujahideen. Ambassador to the US Riaz Khokhar, in a letter, drew State Department spokesman James Rubin's attention to his recent press briefing in which he had described "Kashmiri Mujahideen" as "infiltrators from Pakistan." The envoy also protested the inability of the US to establish whether Indian aircraft have or have not crossed the LoC. Khokhar said the two public statements were inconsistent with the fact and again reflected a bias in favour of the Indian position. "We strongly reject Indian allegations that the Mujahideen in Kargil are infiltrators sent by Pakistan. India has repeatedly made such baseless charges without a shred of evidence," Khokhar wrote. The envoy hoped the State Department would exercise "greater care in using expressions which are not supported by facts." Rubin, in his statement, had said that New Delhi was continuing its military action against "infiltrators from Pakistan on India's side of the Line of Control." He had also said that "insertion of any additional fighters from across the LoC will only increase tensions and prolong the fighting."Islamabad was also prepared to accept the deployment of any other force acceptable to both sides for verification of Indian allegations of "Pakistani infiltration," he said. Khokhar said India had deployed a large force in its part of Kashmir and stationed several divisions along the LoC. "It is, therefore, inconceivable that Pakistan had managed to send 'infiltrators' across the LoC," he added.-NNI

India steps up offensive in Occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR, June 7: India intensified artillery attacks in occupied Kashmir today and heavily reinforced the disputed border with Pakistan to try to end a nearly month-long conflict. Air strikes, which on Sunday were the heaviest since they began on May 26, resumed today. Official sources told AFP that artillery assaults and mortar fire continued in northern Kashmir against mujahideen strongholds overnight. There was also heavy shelling by Pakistani forces across the Line of Control, they said.

A military source in Srinagar said the "Muslim militant infiltrators" were still occupying a stretch of territory in the northern Kargil zone about 200 kilometres (125 miles) long and six to seven kilometres wide.

Air strikes, which continued uninterrupted apart from a day's break on Saturday, began at around 07:00 a.m. (01:30 GMT) today, an Indian air force spokesman said. Air force sources also reported 15 sorties in the morning with MiG-21 and MiG-27 fighters and said all the planes had returned safely. India has reported 59 military deaths in the fighting. The official Pakistani military toll is 15. (AFP)

10 students martyred in Indian firing
Muzaffarabad, June 1: At least ten students were martyred and 12 wounded, three of them seriously, when Indian shells hit a school in Nakdar, some 85 kms from here, in Neelum Valley.
Indian forces hit the Boys School,  at 8:30 a.m.  Tuesday.
"A barrage of mortar shell hit the school early Tuesday when the school children had just reached their classrooms after the morning assembly," said a witness by telephone from Authmaqam. One shell landed in the classroom through the roof with big bang, killing and injuring some of the boys. The other were killed and injured when they ran out of the classrooms in a terrifying state and got trapped in subsequent shelling on the school.
The ill-fated Government Boys School, Nagdar, is located just few hundred yards from he Indian army posts at hills overlooking the border village of Nagdar.
The residents after the attack felt themselves in grip of panic and harassment and parents of the children rushed to the scene with women wailing and crying without caring for their own lives, said another witness.
There was great difficulty in removing the injured to the hospital due to the incessant shelling.
In Jandela Sub-Sector India resorted to artillery fire on civilian population injuring 12 civilians. In Badsher Sector six civilians were killed as a result of Indian artillery shelling.
Birg. Qureshi said that ever since India deployed 60 to 70 frontline aircraft at Avantipura and Srinagar and started concentrating troops in the Kargil Sector, it became evident that it had some bigger motives than simply evicting Kashmir freedom fighters from the area.
It is a sad incident which is not justifiably covered by PTV and International media.

Kargil :Indian helicopter shot down Inside Indian Territory by Freedom Fighters.
Pakistan handed over the dead body of destroyed Indian Fighter Pane in Pakistan LoC.
Mig-27 & Mig-21 Planes hit in Pakistan side of border. One Pilot is dead while other captured. India accepted the incident.

More Details
Indian Airforce Attacks on Cargil
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