JI for Jehad against Kargil betrayal

The News LAHORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami on Sunday called for Jehad against Nawaz Sharif's government for betraying the nation by signing the Washington accord on the Kashmir issue. "Nawaz and Pakistan can't co-exist," JI Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmad told tens of thousands of his party workers, who staged the biggest anti-government protest since freedom fighters pulled out of occupied Kashmir.

"Nawaz has to quit," the mammoth crowd roared as Qazi asked the nation to stand up as a sovereign nation and reject the Washington Accord, Simla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration signed by few traitors. "Let's celebrate our Independence Day next month as an absolutely sovereign and independent nation," he told the crowd, which gathered outside the Punjab Assembly after marching on The Mall from Nasir Bagh.

The rally failed to attract the million people the JI had hoped to muster but the 50,000-strong protest by supporters shouting "Down with America" was by far the biggest of a series of scattered opposition-backed demonstrations.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad accused the prime minister of being autocratic and said the July 4 withdrawal pact with Clinton was unforgivable. "It is imperative for the resolution of the Kashmir issue and for the safety and solidarity of the country that Nawaz Sharif should be removed from the office of prime minister," said a mock "charge-sheet" read to the crowd chanting slogans and reciting Kalima. Qazi said it was time to tell the US its New World Order was not acceptable to us as it was only "a new world disorder aimed at depriving Muslims of their independence and sovereignty". The JI chief also warned the United States not to mount another attack on Osama bin Laden. "This will not be in the interest of America. They will invite great danger," he said. He said the US was playing a dangerous game and will suffer ultimately.

Addressing the West, Pakistan's biggest Islamic party chief said the Muslims were not terrorists or intolerant . "They only want to live with peace and justice, and will not allow any state terrorism in their territories," he said. He said Islam was a religion of peace and justice for the whole mankind. Hitting out at the government for its Kashmir policy, Qazi said Nawaz had committed "an unforgivable crime by showing cowardice against a besieged army in Kashmir".

"It was shameful for the head of the only nuclear Muslim state to accept becoming a satellite state of India despite having a historic and tactical edge over the enemy," he said. He reminded the rulers that peace could not be achieved by begging or avoiding the battlefield. "History shows that only those nations who always remained ready for a war lived in peace," he said. He said the threat of a war was not over even after the Washington accord.

Qazi pointed out that the spirit of Jehad and allegiance to the Almighty were what distinguished Muslims from non-Muslims and give them a vital edge over their enemies. He accused Nawaz Sharif of insulting the spirit of Jehad by equating it with the war hysteria and causing an atmosphere of cowardice through state-owned electronic media.

Qazi accused Nawaz Sharif of betraying and bypassing the nation, his cabinet and parliament on a vital decision. He also censured Nawaz Sharif for refusing an unconditional support by opposition and other political parties on the issue. Qazi said the time had come to dislodge Nawaz Sharif from Islamabad.

He cited numerous "crimes" of Nawaz Sharif committed over the last two and half years including subjugating parliament, president, chief justice and the COAS, and his failure to keep electoral promises of uprooting corruption, recovering plundered national wealth and introducing austerity in national character. He also lashed out at the government for its failure to revive economy and throw off the begging bowl. Qazi said the only way to avert national destruction was to throw off the present dishonest rulers and bring in a pious leadership.

Qazi appealed to all political, religious parties and organisations to unite by shunning all political, religious and sectarian differences for salvaging the independence of the nation which, he said, was in grave danger. He asked PPP and PML to rise on the occasion for the sake of national integrity.

He said the movement against the government had started and its ultimate destiny was a "glorious Islamic revolution". He said now it was on the people to step up this movement and make it a success. Qazi announced that soon his party would hold similar rallies in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta before giving a final call for a march towards Islamabad.

Qazi said his party stood for love, justice and peace all over the world. He said his party was willing to extend friendship to India, provided it granted the Kashmiris their independence. He urged the Lahorites to reject the Indian culture imposed on them under a conspiracy. He also appealed to the people to stop watching Indian movies. Qazi accused the administration of obstructing the rally and announced his party would observe a countrywide protest day next Friday against the government attitude. Later, a JI spokesman alleged the police tried to sabotage the rally by preventing the participants and workers of different cities from coming to Lahore. He alleged a large number of buses were stopped and JI workers were off-loaded in a number of cities. He said police hijacked party buses in Sahiwal just when they were about to leave for Lahore.


Qazi seeks all parties' support: Jamaat launches 'new phase' of anti-govt drive

Dawn LAHORE, July 25: Alleging that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had committed 'unforgivable crimes' signing of the Washington statement being the latest, Jamaat-i-Islami amir Qazi Husain Ahmed on Sunday launched "a new phase" of anti-government movement.

He appealed to workers of all other parties, including the PPP, to work under his leadership to oust the rulers and avert dangers to the integrity of the country.

Addressing participants in a 'million-man march' who had come to Lahore from various parts of the Punjab, the JI leader declared that the movement would continue till it reached its logical end -- a magnificent Islamic revolution in the country.

The rally started from the Nasser Bagh to the Charing Cross where a stage had been set up for speakers. From the Charing Cross to the Regal Chowk, people could be seen on both sides of The Mall as well as service roads.

Qazi Husain Ahmed joined the participants at the Charing Cross.

Journalists had also come from Islamabad and other cities to report the event.

Heavy police contingents had been deployed to avoid any untoward incident. Punjab PPP President Rao Sikandar Iqbal and MPA Muazzam Jehanzeb Wattoo were also present.

In his hour-long speech, punctuated with slogans, the JI chief listed a number of 'crimes' Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had committed after returning to power for the second time in Feb 1997.

"Now Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan cannot go together. He will have to quit".

He said Mr Sharif's tenure was the blackest of all periods in the past and the Washington declaration was the culmination of all 'offences' of the prime minister.

Qazi Husain said his party would hold rallies in other important cities like Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi. Thereafter, he said, he would give a call for a march on Islamabad where the people would also stage a sit-in.

Lashing out at the prime minister for deciding to withdraw Mujahideen from the Kargil heights despite the fact that they were in very advantageous positions, Qazi Husain said Mr Sharif had lost the war of nerves. He said he buckled under the Western pressure at a time when India was not in a position to go for a war against Pakistan without risking a full-scale revolt in occupied Kashmir.

The JI leader said the Washington declaration served Indian interests and stabbed the freedom fighters in the back. In his opinion, acceptance of the sanctity of the Line of Control would mean acquiescing to the division of Kashmir which was simply not tolerable. He said Pakistan and Kashmir were inseparable and as long as Kashmir was not liberated from India's occupation, the people of Pakistan could not regard themselves free.

Reiterating that the Kashmir issue would never be resolved through bilateral talks between India and Pakistan as New Delhi continued to insist that Kashmir was its integral part, the Jamaat leader said it was a great injustice that Mr Sharif had 'bilateralized' the issue through the Washington communique.

He said Mr Sharif had ignored the sacrifices of 75,000 Kashmiris for the independence. He said he would be held accountable for the lapse on his part. Similarly, he said, Mr Sharif could not be forgiven for accepting Kashmiri Mujahideen as 'intruders'.

Qazi Husain said Mr Sharif had insulted the army as an institution by forcing former COAS Gen Jehangir Karamat to resign.

He also criticized Mr Sharif for converting the federal parliamentary system into prime ministerial system, reducing parliament to the status of a rubber stamp, storming the Supreme Court building and failing to promote industrialization or repay dues to co-op scam victims.

In his opinion, it would be wrong to assume that the possibility of a war between Pakistan and India had been averted.

"Subservience to the mighty cannot avert a war. Preparedness for war is the best way to ward it off".

He said his party did not want war with India. Instead, it was in favour of good neighbourly relations with India but it would not be possible unless the Kashmir dispute was resolved.

He appealed to the people to boycott Indian films and remove video shops.

Punjab JI amir Hafiz Muhammad Idrees asked the PML workers to join hands with the Jamaat. He said the people now controlling the PML had nothing to do with the party and a revolt against them was justified

Qazi says Nawaz turned victory into defeat

Nation LAHORE-Jamaat-i-Islami's 'Million March' on Kargil issue Sunday remained highly successful and impressive. It proved to be a peaceful demonstration removing all apprehensions of possible violence in expressing resentment against Nawaz-Clinton Accord. The rally comprising tens of thousands of people assembled at Shahra-i-Quaid-i-Azam after it marched from Nasir Bagh around 4.30 pm. The rally reached Masjid-i-Shuhada to offer Asr prayers and later it turned into a public meeting which was addressed by JI leaders before it dispersed peacefully.
Addressing the meeting, Amir Jamaat-i-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that a movement has been launched with the success of Kargil rally for a grand Islamic revolution after toppling out Nawaz Sharif government. Soon similar public rallies will be organised at Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi after which a call will be given to the people to march to Islamabad. He said the Independence Day on August 14 will be celebrated to give message to Kashmiris that the whole nation stood shoulder to shoulder with them. The nation has rejected Washington Accord and Lahore Declaration. He also declared next Friday as protest day throughout the country.
Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that Nawaz Sharif is the person who bargained the national honour and prestige. 'He is responsible for bringing the nation from the peak of glory of Kargil to the fall at Washington. This is an unpardonable offence. As such Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan cannot go together. Nawaz Sharif harassed the nation by proclaiming the repercussions of war while he forgot that in war, India would have also suffered losses. India was not in a position to open large-scale war as its army was engaged in Kargil, Siachin etc. Nawaz Sharif wanted to undermine jehad for a dialogue but if this spirit was destroyed, who will agree on dialogues, he asked?
He said Nawaz Sharif not only turned the victory into defeat but also caused loss to the country by creating price-hike, unemployment forcing people to commit suicides, making mockery of Shariat Bill, replacing weekly holiday of Friday with Sunday and turning Parliament into a rubber stamp. 'He forcibly took resignation of COAS which is an insult of the army and ransacked the Supreme Court,' he said. He further said that Nawaz Sharif blackmailed the Press and hijacked the ehtesab movement while no accountability of corrupt persons was undertaken. The trade and business was ruined and industry suffered a setback The chargesheet against Nawaz Sharif comprises a long list of follies while the culmination of his follies was Washington Accord on Kargil. Qazi Hussain said it is high time for the nation to get rid of him. Nawaz Sharif begged for peace in a very disgraceful manner. The peace cannot be restored by yielding to the oppressor. War has not been averted but the dangers of war have been increased. The Kargil does not contain any mention of 70,000 martyrs nor there is any pertinent promise for the solution to Kashmir issue according to UN Resolutions. The Accord is nothing except to implement American New World Order with Indian hegemony in the region. This is shameful for nuclear Pakistan and the entire Muslim Ummah of which Pakistan is a leader. Pakistan is not confined to the geographical boundaries but it exists within the unlimited boundaries of Muslim world and even within India. He said that the Accord called for unilateral withdrawal from Kargil. The Accord promises that Clinton will take interest in Kashmir and encourage Pakistan and India to resolve their problems bilaterally according to Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration while one of the two countries hesitates to accept Kashmir as a disputed territory. India accepts Kashmir dispute to the extent that one part of it, is occupied by Pakistan. He said there is no use of any dialogue with India unless it recognises Kashmir as a disputed territory.
Qazi Hussain Ahmad deplored that America summoned Pakistan ambassador to express its concern on the killings of 15 Hindus but it remained silent on the killings of 70,000 Kashmiris at the hands of Indian security forces. He asked as to who will take the accountability of Nawaz Sharif of all these foul-plays? The participants shouted that they are prepared to take the accountability of Nawaz Sharif. Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that the successive governments buried the Kashmir issue through Tashkent and Simla Agreements while the Kashmiri Mujahideen kept alive this issue by rendering sacrifices since the recent uprising which began in 1989.
The Kashmir issue was internationalised by Kashmiris with their blood but the Nawaz-Clinton Accord again made it a bilaterial and local issue. This is an offence never to be pardoned. He said some unscruplous persons say that Pakistan's security cannot be put at stake at the cost of Kargil. Tomorrow they will say that Pakistan's security cannot be endangered at the cost of Karachi, Lahore, Quetta or Peshawar.
He said peace cannot be established by begging peace but by making preparations to face aggression. Jehad is binding on believers and it provided strength to the poor and oppressed people. No one can undermine the spirit of jehad as it is part of the faith of Muslims. It is not Pakistan but India which is interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan and violating LoC. Pakistan government should have declared support to Kashmiri Mujahideen instead of adopting an apologetic attitude.
Hafiz Mohammad Idrees
Earlier Amir JI Punjab Hafiz Mohammad Idrees said that Jamaat-i-Islami will work as the vanguard to oust Nawaz Sharif. He said that Islamabad and Washington are perturbed on the successful rally. He invited the sincere workers of PML (N) to join Jamaat movement. He also invited PPP workers to join hands with Jamaat-i-Islami in its movement against Nawaz Sharif. Hafiz Muhammad Idrees presented a cheque of Rs 50 lakh to Qazi Hussain Ahmad for assisting Mujahideen. He promised another cheque of Rs. one crore by the next November.
Ghulam Mohammad Safi
All Parties Hurriyat Conference(APHC) Secretary General Ghulam Mohammad Safi said that Kashmiri Mujahideen will continue their jehad against India for the liberation of their homeland. The Lahore Declaration and Washington Accord are not binding on them. He paid tributes to Jamaat-i-Islami for providing moral and material help to Kashmiri Mujahideen.

ovement. He also invited PPP workers to join hands with Jamaat-i-Islami in its movement against Nawaz Sharif. Hafiz Muhammad Idrees presented a cheque of Rs 50 lakh to Qazi Hussain Ahmad for assisting Mujahideen. He promised another cheque of Rs. one crore by the next November.
Ghulam Mohammad Safi
All Parties Hurriyat Conference(APHC) Secretary General Ghulam Mohammad Safi said that Kashmiri Mujahideen will continue their jehad against India for the liberation of their homeland. The Lahore Declaration and Washington Accord are not binding on them. He paid tributes to Jamaat-i-Islami for providing moral and material help to Kashmiri Mujahideen.