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Ghauri-II fired
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This News Web Posted on  Millat.com at 11:00 A.M April 14, 1999
. Congratulations to all Pakistanis
Pakistan has to test its Ghauri-II missile in response to the Indian Agni-II  test. Ghouri was fired from Jehlum (Tilla Jogian test site) at 10:45 A.M Wednesday. Scientists at the test site cited Bismillah-il -Rahman- il- Rahim and then pushed the button. The Missile went straight in the air upto 250 miles and then it headed towards its  target in Nokundi, at the Makran Coast in  Baluchistan Province
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we posted following news item a day before the test

Pakistan is all set to fire a more advanced version of the Ghauri missile on April 14 which will bring in its range almost the whole of India from New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram to give a matching reply to Sunday’s test-firing of Agni-II by India.detail More agni Coverage 
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India Tested Nuclear Capable 2200Km Range Missile Agni II
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i>Deep concern:Reacting to the Indian missile test of Agni-II, a spokesman of Foreign Office said in Islamabad today that development of Agni-II introduced a new weapon system in our region which is naturally a matter of deep concern for Pakistan.detail
  • Agni test:India today tested its latest Agni-II ballistic missile eleven months after it carried out a series of nuclear explosions.detail
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