07-12-2011  19:07:08
Pakistan wants good relations with US based on mutual respect, clearly defined parameters: PM
ISLAMABAD, Dec 5 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Monday said Pakistan wanted to have good relations with the United States based on mutual respect and clearly defined parameters. “We hope, we really want to have good relations with the U.S.  based on mutual respect and clearly defined parameters. I think that is doable. I think that it won’t take long,” Gilani said in an interview with The Associated Press(AP).
The Prime Minister, however, added that new ties being negotiated with the U.S. would ensure that the two countries “respected each other’s red lines” regarding sovereignty and rules of engagement along the border.
 “We want to work with the United States. We really want to enhance our strategic partnership,” he said.
 “But at the same time we want to revisit (our cooperation) with US, NATO and ISAF, and that is the reason, we have referred this matter to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security,” the Prime Minister said while referring to the November 26 NATO/ISAF attack on Pakistani border posts in Mohmand Agency, in which 24 Pakistan soldiers lost their lives.
 Expressing Pakistan’s resolve for peace process in Afghanistan, Gilani said Pakistan will continue its role in this respect, adding that Pakistani people and security forces have rendered lot of sacrifices in the war against terrorism, which is also acknowledged by the whole world.
 “I think we have evolved some mechanisms, and we are ready to cooperate,” he said regarding peace efforts in Afghanistan.
 “We are committed (to reconciliation), despite that we are not attending (the Bonn meeting),” Gilani said.
 “Pakistan has suffered a lot because of the war against terrorism and extremism not only in the form of casualties of 30,000 innocent people but also of 5000 brave soldiers, law enforcement agencies personnel and also in the form of economy,” he said.
 “How can anybody doubt our intention that after making so much sacrifices, we are not committed to reconciliation process in Afghanistan. We are committed,” the Prime Minister maintained.
 About energy shortages in the country, the Prime Minister said Pakistan should also be provided with civil nuclear technology like India and there should not be any discrimination with Pakistan.
 “We are a country, where there is energy shortage, we have been talking with the US and there have been dozens of meetings...  and they said the US would be assisting us in energy sector,” he said, adding, “we need a civil-nuclear energy deal with the US.”
 The Prime Minister mentioned US-India civil nuclear deal, adding, Pakistan was not against the deal,“but at the same time we want that there should not be any discrimination.”