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Khurshid Shah made comments apparently without going through policy

Thursday, 27 February 2014   13:18:54

Khurshid Shah made comments apparently without going through policy
draft: Nisar

      ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (APP): Minister for Interior and Narcotics
Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Wednesday said it seems that the
Opposition Leader made comments without going through the draft of
Internal Security Policy.
       He said "It is astonishing that Syed Khurshid Shah commented
on the Internal Security Policy without even going through its
       He expressed these views in response to Khurshid Shah's
comments in the National Assembly.
      He said "the confusion of those who remain in a constant
state of confusion cannot be removed."
      He said those political parties are also confused and unclear
in their minds whose leaders give contradictory statements through
Facebook, Twitter or at the Assembly floor.
     Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that during the tenure of such
parties, the country remained constantly under attacks and
thousands of people became victims of terrorism.
     He said the country became gravely unsafe in their hands,
but they did not take a single step to confront these issues,
rather pursued a policy of silence after every incident and
terrorist act.
     The Minister said, "their criticism on us is simply
illogical." Those who do not have a solid reasoning, always
resort to such statements, he added.