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Missing person case; SC turns down request to exclude security

Thursday, 27 February 2014   13:21:23

Missing person case; SC turns down request to exclude security
official from investigation

     ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (APP): The Supreme Court Wednesday turned
down Ministry of Defence's request to exclude Major Ali Hassan
from investigation in the case of Tasif Ali Malik, a missing
person from Azad Kashmir.
    The two-member bench, headed by Justice nasir-ul-Mulk, resumed
hearing of the case and remarked that the facts of case can be only
ascertained after investigation from Major Ali Hassan.
    During the course of proceedings, Additional Attorney General
Shah Khawar appeared before the bench and told that the Ministry of
Defence has written a letter to the Police Department to shift
Major Ali Hassan case from civil court to military court.
    He said that Secretary Defence was abroad and he would apprise
the court regarding further actions in the case after the Defence Secretary's arrival.
    On this, Justice Azmat Saeed remarked that how much time the
case can remain pending on the point of taking instructions from
    Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk directed the Police to complete
investigation and submit report  in this regard.
    Ibrahim Satti, counsel for Law enforcement Agency assured the
bench about his clients complete assistance in the case.
    Col (retd) Inam-ur-Raheem, counsel for Adida Malik w/o Tasif
Ali Malik in his arguments pointed out that Police can include any
army official in investigation under Army Act's Role 330.
   The court directed the police to include Major Ali Hassan in the investigation and adjourned the hearing till March 10.