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Pakistan’s contradictory external policies By Javed Hasain

  • The contradictory external policies of Pakistan’s policy makers never fail to surprise me. The news coming from Islamabad on 26th August was a prime example of a government whose left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. On the one hand, Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz was busy briefing foreign envoys […]

  • The Schools Security By Madeeha Ansari

    IT has been more than a year since the disturbing images of teachers shouldering rifles and holding semi-automatic pistols were published, and the debate raged over allowing weapons in KP schools. Now, the director general for private schools in Sindh has issued a 16-point set of guidelines, once more raising questions about what it means […]

  • Orange Line Battle By Umair Javed

    THE Lahore High Court’s ruling on the Orange Line case forbids the Lahore Development Authority and its contractors from carrying out construction work within 200 feet (61 metres) of “protected immovable antiquity and special premises”. Regardless of what one feels about the Punjab government, its ruling party, or the project itself, the ruling is fair […]

  • The FATA reforms By Mohsan Dawar

    The FATA reforms committee has finally submitted its report, which is awaiting approval by the Prime Minister. The committee was formed after an unexpected bill demanding the merger of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and FATA was presented in the National Assembly by FATA parliamentarians. Instead of following democratic norms and entertaining the demand of FATA representatives in […]

  • Militarisation from Asia-Pacific to MENA By Shahid Zubair

    Today, the top of priority US foreign policy is the challenge of Chinese phenomenal rise in economics, trade, science, technology, military, paramilitary, cultural and geopolitical strength. But incredible worries start creeping in when a pacifist like the present writer learns about the huge militarisation taking place from Asia Pacific including Sea of Japan, the Yellow […]

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