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The general’s retirement..By Zahid Husain

  • It has almost become acceptable in Pakistan that the army chief himself decides his term in office. In many cases, the army chief has himself been in a position of authority to be able to extend his tenure, while in other instances he ‘obtains’ it. And it certainly is rare for a chief to say: […]

  • Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

    AN age has passed with the departure of Sahibzada Yaqub Khan, a man of many parts. Yaqub Khan had a lot to say to the country before leaving us for good. Unfortunately for us, he never wrote his memoirs and has taken with him all his memories to his final abode. Where government service is […]

  • Army chief’s retirement

    GEN Raheel Sharif has made a habit of breaking with recent convention. Much of what has taken place on the counter-insurgency, counterterrorism and, indeed, political fronts during his tenure can be seen as an implicit rebuke of his immediate predecessor. So, perhaps it is unsurprising that Gen Sharif has chosen to publicly and definitively end […]

  • Signals from Washington

    Editori — – AFTER the hype surrounding last year’s trip, Gen Raheel Sharif’s second visit to Washington DC as army chief was more workmanlike in tone. Following civil-military tensions that erupted in the run-up to Gen Sharif’s trip, it appears both the American hosts and their Pakistani visitor want to send a signal that the […]

  • Analysis: Major NAP issues prompted military’s reaction

    Ismail Khan PESHAWAR: While progress on nearly half of the 20-point National Action Plan is showing a downward trend, reforms in Fata, the return of Afghan refugees and issues associated with the operation in Karachi were the factors that prompted the last week’s call from military commanders for “matching governance initiatives”, officials say. Senior officials […]