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 New Column By Tariq Malik

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Monday, July 15, 2002 12:39:37 AM
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Please condemn Meerwala Incident

Please financially help the victim of Meerwala Incident

Dear Editor:

Shame on the people of Meerwala, Pakistan for meting out a barbaric punishment to an innocent young woman whose brother had committed a crime. You people have the unmitigated gall to disparage the US. We have our faults be we are a civilized society with courts that act within reason. I was appalled to learn that hundreds of people applauded as the young woman in question was brutally violated. Is there any decency left in Pakistan?

The next time you judge the US look at yourselves first. It’s bad enough that Pakistanis mistreat animals. You mistreat women as well. I hope the courts, judges, police and anyone else who participated in this brutal crime rot in hell. If it were up to me, I’d hack off their penises with a chainsaw and mash them through a meat grinder.

Debra J. White Tempe, AZ USA


Dear Editor:

I am shockingly surprised but happy that Meerwala incident is being highlighted in a big way. Too little too late but yet a good sign.

The truth is that Meerwala incident is just a tip of the iceberg. Thousands of incidents of this nature take place in Pakistani Muslim society every day. Unreported, unheard of, untold and unprosecuted, nevertheless they constitute the fundamental foundational roots and ingredients of Pakistani Muslim society. This type of treatment is regularly meted out by Jageerdars, Nawabs, Waderas, Zamindars and so many other names that feudal go with to their fellow Muslim citizens of so called lower social strata. It serves as a control mechanism with many socio-economic and cultural implications. However masochistic, it has been there for centuries. Pakistani Muslims are understanding, docile and very accepting of this behavior by their fellow citizens of so called higher social strata. The fact is that masses in the Pakistani Muslim society do not hold in high esteem and respect those who are incapable of subjecting them to such abhorrently oppressive behavior. Pakistani Muslims believe that such behavior is the right of upper classes and the powerful in the society and an essential trait of leadership that they can look up to and hold in high respect.

To those Pakistani Muslims who are critical of westerners taking up this issue and expressing concern, I say shame on you and face the reality that this is a chronic and widely practiced and acceptable evil for centuries in your Muslim society. I bet and you watch that a man or two with their last names as Mastoi will be one of the members of your National Assembly or Provincial Assembly or perhaps senate come your October elections.

Our great western values of a small common man or woman working his or her way up through hard work, honesty, labor and rising up the ladder and earning respect which has produced hundreds and thousands of men and women of stature and leadership in so many walks of life in America are considered demeaning, disrespectful, lowly and condescending by people from Pakistani Muslim society.

Tom Rasheed. New York, USA.


Dear Editor:

No words are there to describe or comment on this shameful incident. When will these illiterate understand. When. Who will make them understand. I read the comments of Debra j from AZ USA. Despite my best efforts I couldn't disagree from her point of view. I will just make a change in punishment she suggested. As they did with the girl, same should be done with THEM. and that include the persons who performed the act and those who ordered this act. Who the hell gave them this authority. I think the corrupt judicial of our country. We all are very sinful. But this act. They will go in hell, but don't forget to make hell for them here too. Publish there pictures all around in area where they live or their relatives etc. I want to write more but can't find words. Spit on their all body in front of all not once but everyday of their remainder life.

Dr. Anwer S , Australia







dear editor!

I am just astonish that in a so called Muslim state those incident could happen. in 1947 migration our enemy did it but this time our own people did it to us which is very strange. obviously the police which represent government did nothing to stop it. in our country still justice can be bought by money and influence but I request to out government that to make sure that those animal get punished with out any further delay and games. while this happening the whole town was silent. what kind of men live in that town. what kind of mentality that have. it just unacceptable in a civilized society thanks

shakil mustafa



I heard this news on BBC world news in Toronto .Next day all news papers were published on front paged with this horrible news.

I am sure they will not get punishment because our judicial system is so highly corrupt that no one think about justice. Peoples are having long beared and sitting on high chair in court are very corrupt. Our ex president character is in front of everyone am referring Chief Justice incident Sajjad Ali Shah).

Our Pakistanis are only waiting for a big Azab from Allah(SWT) but in this process a lot of innocent will also die.

Ya Allah Hum Ko Baighiarat rehnomaoon say jan chura (Ameen)

Ashfaq Khan


Dear Razaq

Thanks for your comments. We are senseless but still if our system is responding to such events, and trying to punish the culprit, we have to defense our whole society and countries culture. We should not allow others to blame whole Muslim or Pakistani community. In this way there is a bad image of the country spreads. No body speak about the Indians cruelty at Ahmadabad India . If u have seen any picture of these cruelties you will feel depressed on humanity of Indians Hindu. If u put any comments against India on We you will see that how they reply you with in no time from throughout the world. (We feel shame on such incidents in our society, but we have to rectify these ourselves, and not going to allow others to criticize our whole society).




john smith wrote:

dear shahidi read your comments. I can not say anything but how shame proof we are !


razzaq usa


Dear Debra

I accept that in the Pakistani society there are some problems. But you must not forget that most of our people are illiterate. What do you think about your own society where everybody is an educated nevertheless bad things happen. The crime rate of America is the highest in the world. What do you think about that honey! Your priests sexually abuse children. Little girls are abused by their parents. If you people were uneducated like us then you would be worst than animal.

A patriot Pakistani


Dear Editor:

It is a sheer lie that this incident have shaken our souls. As expected the severity and gravity of the shameful incident is fading away and same is true about the zeal shown by our learned Chief Justice to exercise sue motto jurisdiction. The real problem is the feudal mentality which is every where regardless of the fact that one may not be feudal himself. The newspaper which claims to have brought this incident to light, following its own past tradition has published the so-called statement recorded in its offices by one of the members of the Panchayat and that negates the story that the paper had published. Interestingly, that member of the panchayat has praised the newspaper for bringing the truth to light. I wonder what that newspaper is up to. I am sure that the poor girl SHALL not get any justice and such incident with continue to re-occur as long we subscribe to the feudal mentality. I do not see any sign of improvement. The kind of education we are imparting in Pakistan is in fact perpetuating the status quo. A bloody revolution is the only solution. We have been trying our level best to postpone the chances of such a revolution but have not done any thing so far to eliminate the possibility.

MN Butt, Reading, UK


It is very certain my country will be bombarded by USA

people will say this is natural calamity, jis ghur ki

gurya, bubli, manoo, baby, saima, tayeba mahfooz na

hoon, wahan ki abadi ko jila daina chehay. specially

jatois, bhuttoos soomroos, tiwanas, mirs and jaily

pirs cheemas chathas gondal warraich choudries ,

wattoos. these castes are wadera and chaudris of the

villages, they eat haram sitting in their haveli and

dairas, only their muzarey work, this is really shame

for head of State Governors, DIGS IGS and police









I am angry, ashamed & I can not describe these feelings in words. What kind of society is this ? Please learn to respect your sisters, Wife and Mothers. We in foreign alien land can pray for this. Thanks



Mere rooh kaanp utthi hae.

Only condemn? Will the culprits be punished? How much time has passed but police and authority hadn’t caught the criminals, they even can’t identify them properly. Allah kae azab sae daro Punchait is like Head of the state; Is their any such rule and punishment in our Islamic law or in a Muslim nation and community or in any civilized country. The justice providing Punchait is mentally sick and without Allah’s fear. I think there is no need of night clubs or heera mundi in Pakistan anymore. The biggest and deadliest crime happened in front of the people of the locality and no one helped the innocent girl. A pre-planned crime. Are the people living in Pakistan still Muzlims? The brutals need more deadly punishment than “sungsar”. Who is going to punish them? They are themselves authority and the punchait. All the girls and ladies living in Pakistan should be mentally prepared that any time they can not only be raped, but gang raped by the authorities unrespectable of their age of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There used be no law and justice in my country but now there are no more moral values left. Every one get punished for his own act and Not for the action of their relatives. Is a 12 year old boy mature enough to develop sexual, illicit relationship. Does a child know its meaning?

What money paper notes will do to that victim and her family.

My Dear Pakistan you are in dare need of another “Muhammad Bin Qasim “ now.

Sonia ,Australia


Dear Editor

The whole nation has been humiliated with the brutal act of few bastereds. The only reason of this incident is lack of justice and law enforcement. The best punishment for all the criminals and Punchayat members is to hang them in public as soon as possible. All the illicit Punchayat and Jurga Systems running within the country should be abolished immediately to stop similar incidents in future. I am sure there are many Mukhtar Bibis,who commit suisides and burried unnoticed in the darkness.

Shabbir and Shaista, Toronto, Canada


The Meerwala "DOGS" should be dragged in Public, have
their eyes gouged and stoned to death.
The Policemen who took bribes or watched the "show"
should be court marshalled in an anti-terrorism court.

And 1000's of pakistanis who watched their "sister in
Islam" being humiliated beyond limits should not
forget that they also have mothers and sisters, and by
not assisting the poor girl at her hour of need they
also have become part of the criminals (to a certain
extent) Even 20 or 30 Young men would have overpowered
the armed "DOGS"
Don't forget that we Pakistanis have nothing to boast.
Remember that now we are in the eyes of the world a
nation degraded, and maybe even worst in the eyes of

The time to repent and change our ways have come,
better we change or face ALLAH's wrath.

Muhammad Salik



Sir, that is how I feel. From what I gather, the Muslim world hates the  US. There are things I am not proud of in my country. Yes we have  nightclubs but not all women are whores. I am not. Yes, we have crime.  Yes, we make mistakes. But so does everyone else. I am tired of  Americans being the target of everyone's hatred. You judge us by the  actions of a few people. Sir, it is important for people of all nations to  live as brothers and sisters. Isnt peace a better option than war? Is,nt  love better than hate? Every night I pray for peace. I feel so bad that  people hate us yet no one sees the good my people do. I love animals and  that is where I do most of my volunteer work. I visit a nursing home and a  shelter for homeless families with my dog and he brings cheer to lots of  sad, sorry faces. I am disabled but I still live a productive life. Pray  for peace my brother. And pray for this girl who was terribly brutalized.  She needs our prayers and our kindness.

 DEbra J. White



Hello miss Debra,

Just read your opinion about that Pakistani girl. It’s certainly is very shameful but you can’t blame whole community for that…you talk about civilized society!!!!!!! Oh yeah tell me, how many teen age girls in North America raped and sexually abused by their own parent (father)…what you think about sexually abusing young kids by church fathers…so next time look into yourself first before you blame to whole society…some one took law in their hands and I am sure that justice will be done and I think Pakistani authorities also need work not only towards the betterment for Meerwala community but also for other our of reach rural areas.

Take care

Shaz (Canada)


Dear Miss Debra,

Thanks for your comments and being a muslim and being Pakistani I believe 100% on same ideas which each human being has in his mind for an ideal life. Believe me 98% people from each religion, country and of total human populations are peace loving or want to live with peace. And its true that due to few bad fishes whole pond become dirty. Same is the case for your and mine country. If you look at little previous history, the best humanity works are performed by America or Americans, but at the same time worst human crimes are also performed by Americans (sorry but Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, and recently in Afghanistan). Can u imagine that how many Orphan kids are there, millions. Who don't know that what is America, what is religions, but they had seen blood of their mama, Baba and brother and sisters in front of them. Same if you look at Palestinians their brothers, fathers and sisters captured by Israelis and brutally killed or tortured. So all new breed who will grow in this atmosphere, what you can expect from them. The only thing is revenge. So why we insist that judgment is for all, not for some people and some are completely excluded. And by the way America has a major role for all these politics worldwide, some time it is positive for one and negative for others, so if its balance believe me no body hates US, or US citizens. ( for trade center still its not proved that who did this brutal and inhuman act, but millions of people in Afghanistan suffered due to this. While if USA settle the Palestinian issue peace fully and let Palestinians to spend their life peacefully and also let Palestinians youth to get education and jobs believe me no frustration and no suicide attacks will be there). Kindly don't take it as just discussion we need to work for peace and all of us must try to solve the root cause of frustration and unjustified attitudes and help these people also to live a peace full life as per their wish. I, by the depth of my heart appreciate your ideas and thinking and believe that you will never allow your disability to become a hazard for your good aims. My all best wishes are with you and especially regards for the word of BROTHER. So being a sister keep your heart open for any new and good ideas for peace and try to spread it if it appeals your mind and matching with your good believes and please never be prejudice. ( For this Pakistani girl, there are 37 NGO'S, A panel of 170Laweyrs, Women's Rights Commission, News papers Association of Pakistan Overseas foundation of Pakistan, and lot of other, institutions, organizations are standing with this girl for her rights and as per Islam the punishment for these gang rape is a penalty of death. More over Supreme court of Pakistan is now involved in it and there is no way that these animals can escape from law. President of Pakistan also took notice of this issue personally). thanks

Shahid Zubair


Dear Miss Debra, 

Thanks for your sympathy with this Pakistani girl, its really a shameful incident and whole Pakistani nation not only condemned it but also feel shame on such crime. More over reference to your further comments I just want to tell you that Pakistan don't has night clubs, prostitutes center and call girls, which all are the part of descent society of West and America. So please be realistic, don't be optimistic, each culture has some good things and some bad things in it, you cant blame whole society for this. By the way this is the most common crime among all Western and Americans. So please next time don't pass any comments on whole community. 




Dear Shahid,

Well I don't know if I should call you a dear or not. But I am going to call you a liar for sure. What is that place AT THE BACK STREET OF LAHORE MOSQUE. THE HERA MANDI. Well may be you think that is not prostitution or night clubs. you know what, the only problem with You Pakistani is you guys will just answers something without any knowledge or even admitting anything wrong with you guys. lord.

Sammy Imai


This crime has already happened; culprits will definitely get punished......but I am thinking of so many of such type of misadventures which may be in the so called legal jurisdiction of so many PUNCHAYATS of our country, which may occur anytime. Can we do something to stop them: we will cry after the incidents why not prior to some more innocents are ruined. Everyone to send their suggestions to eradicate such systems totally for the consideration of responsible to initiate ACTIONS.

Abdul Salam




I am Naseer Ahmed condemn Very strongly this and like this incidents. I live in Germany since 22 years. and have criticized western values. Now we have so much shame and our heads are down to earth after this case. Our Germans friends and people say us how have you a Islamic land rules where occur such incidents. I n Germany many TVs and newspapers are writing about this case. which is a negative influence on western peoples about Islam and Islamic country.

I request to concern official people to give hardest punishment for criminals. and prevent the public lives and souls from Criminals.

Naseer from Germany


It is shameful deed and is condemned in the strongest possible terms. The culprit should either be shot dead or publicly hanged and the innocent victim girl should pull the ropes. 


As a Pakistani, I condemn the incident happened in Meerwala, Pakistan, as much as Debra J. White Tempe from the US has done in her letter to Editor, Millat. No mercy should be shown towards the perpetrators of this incident, and members of Panchayyat who endorsed and supervised the rape of an innocent girl. They should be hanged publicly to set an example to others. I’m sure most of the Pakistanis feel the same way.

Credit goes to the Pakistani media that brought this incident to the notice of public and government. However, I’d very respectfully like to clear some misconceptions of Debra J. White. Pakistan Supreme Court has already taken notice of this incident. The police and government machinery is in action to nab the perpetrators. Whereas the legal process is underway, Pakistanis, at home as well as abroad, are waiting for the perpetrators to be punished. Our public Welfare Minister, a woman, has already visited the victimized family and assured that the Pakistani public and government stands with them and also presented 9,000 US dollars to the family as a small gesture of sympathy and consolation..

To respond to the judgment of Debra about Pakistanis, as tormentors to their women, I’d like to say that Debra has looked only one side of the picture. Scattered incident happen all over the world, even in the US. So much so that in India, women used to be burned alive after the death of their husbands in the name of Sati, and in some remote areas people still try to revive this ritual. It is only Islam, which brought respect to women. May I respectfully ask Debra to read the history of Islam. How the women were treated in the pre-Islamic days, and who shunned all those practices? It was Prophet Mohammad and Islam who stopped maltreatment to women. In his last sermon in Mecca, the Holy Prophet, while concluding his Message, particularly mentioned about women. He said: “Treat your women with respect”. He himself set the examples. Now if someone does not comply with the true teachings of the Prophet and Islam, it is not the fault of Islam but of the person who goes wrong because of his background, and social brought-up.

We do have women as Ministers, parliamentarians and they are equally active in public and social life. We maltreat neither women nor animals. If some incidents happen and people like Debra care to look at the bad incidents only then blaming the entire people is not fair.

You blame us for terrorism. Look at how much we have cooperated with you, and continue doing so. In return what have we received? And you ask us – not to judge US. We respect the US as the superpower, with all its technological advancement. We have no hesitation to learn from you and work with you.. But, please go to the root causes to understand us, not look at the cosmetics. It is ignorance and lack of education that has plagued our rural areas. Supplying weapons and crushing the poor people is not the answer, but to understand their problems and helping them out by the wealthy countries is the solution.

Iftikhar Ahmed




Dear sir, could u kindly inform me how I can help that poor family. my e-mail is

may ALLAH forgive us all for such atrocity




Dear Editor,

It is time for people of Pakistan to stand against this barbaric act. The people who are behind this must be punished just like what they do in Saudi Arabia hang them. Otherwise people of Pakistan will not have trust or faith in the system of justice. Mr. president (Mushruff) are you sleeping, this is a wake call for you.

Anjum Zia Toronto - Canada


Dear Editor:

When I heard and read about the rape case it was almost unbelievable, but it happened! There is a famous quote; I don't remember the author: "successful nations have more then one qualities and the nations at fall are corrupted more then one ways. Hopefully, it will get better for the people of Pakistan one day or may be people of Pakistan get better one day.



I fully condemn this incident in which a heinous crime-gang rape of a woman was done. It was an evil act performed by heartless beasts , totally against Islam but firstly against humanity. I wish the harshest punishment for the ones involved.

Jahangir Tauqir 


The culprits of meerwala deserve to be crucified publicly.

Until & unless there is effective rule of law , such kind of nauseating and disgusting occurrences will continue to be repeated. It is not the first and God forbid, may not be the last, if the real culprits along with all accomplices are not made horrible example. The onlookers as well as all the personnel of the law enforcing agencies should also be not spared.

aftab alam khankhel


I think those involved in this incident should be killed on spot within one week. Also all punchayat members should be treated in the same manner.

Syed Faisal Ahmed Bukhari

Manchester UK 


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to read such a hateful letter posted on the homepage of the Millat website. I am born and raised in the US, but I am not afraid to say that it is exactly that type of ethnocentrism that breeds unfair US policies and lets oppressive regimes thrive. And it is exactly that type of racism that plagues our court systems.

Perhaps the writer should get her facts straight. The panchayat, or tribal court, in no way represents the state government, police, or the Pakistani people. Infect, according to The New York Times, the authorities have already arrested six people, including members of the panchayat.

To say those men should have their penises cut off and mashed through a meat grinder solves nothing. Meerwala indicates the need for development and education in Pakistan's rural areas. Concrete solutions rather that just words would prevent a similar incident from recurring.

Ameera K. Ahmed Milwaukee, WI USA 





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